6 best corn dogs you can find at the Calgary Stampede

Jul 14 2017, 9:45 am

Written by Mr. Fab

One of the Midway’s most iconic foods is undeniably the corn dog.

Now, after a rigorous afternoon of celebrity judging, the scores are in and one batter ladened dog has taken first place in the Take A Bite Out Of The Midway; Best Corn Dog competition.

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Before we get to the winner, here is a look at some of the footlong run ups.

Maple Bacon Corn Dog

Image: Ryan Massel

Thick cut bacon is blended into batter, deep fried and served with a side of Canadian maple syrup. Lumberjacks would approve!

Where: Corn Dogs for Fun
Cost: $6

Spicy Jalapeño Corn Dog

Image: Ryan Massel

If you love spicy then you’ll love the fresh cut jalapeños which are blended right into the corn dog batter.

Where: Corn Dogs for Fun
Cost: $6

Biggest Corn Dog on a Stick

Image: Ryan Massel

The Stampede’s largest classic Corn Dog measuring in at over 18 inches in length. You’ll have to start side saddle to eat this one.

Where: Chicken on a Stick
Cost: $15

Ruban Dog

Image: Ryan Massel

This juicy corn beef wiener is wrapped in Swiss cheese, battered and deep fried to a toasty perfection and served with a zippy horseradish cream sauce.

Where: Wiggle Chips
Cost: $8

Spolumbo’s Chicken Apple Sausage Corn Dog

Image: Ryan Massel

Using famous Italian artisan sausage from the iconic Spolumbo’s Deli, this corn dog is a meaty alternative and a unique twist on the usual.

Where: Chicky’s Chicken
Cost: $9

… And the 2017 Calgary Stampede’s Take A Bite Out Of The Midway, Best Corn Dog is:

Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls

Image: Ryan Massel

Served on a stick, these circular competitors contain a slice of giant pickle which is cored and stuffed with a hotdog. It’s then wrapped in bacon, dipped and deep fried and served as a pair.

Where: Big Coco’s
Cost: 2 for $9

The Calgary Stampede will continue serving up these delicious corn dogs Sunday, July 16.

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