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Vancouver 'N' driver tries to take Lambo for a spin in the snow (PHOTO)

Eric Zimmer Feb 23, 2018 5:34 pm 161,791

It’s no secret that snow always makes for tricky commuting in Metro Vancouver, and Friday was no exception.

The snow that was forecasted came to fruition and fell on the city, lasting throughout the day… and so far, it hasn’t stopped.

At times like these, it’s often the best idea to just avoid travelling on the roads altogether – especially if you’re not properly prepared.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Novice (or “N”) driver of a Lamborghini failed to heed (or simply didn’t get) the memo, and tried to take his sweet ride for a winter spin anyway.

And spin he did. Literally.

In a snapshot tweeted by reechard, the luxury car can be seen getting acquainted with a small tree, while facing up a hill, on the wrong side of the road, along with who we assume are the vehicle’s occupants and a tow truck driver – who all appear to be assessing the current situation.

“Does this even need a description?” reechard tweets.

No, not really.

Still, we’re not exactly sure what the driver thought would happen on a day like today, in a car like that.

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Eric Zimmer
Staff Writer at Daily Hive.

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