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Vancouver makes top 10 – but not top 3 – on new list

Eric Zimmer Dec 13, 2016 2:47 am 1,239

With all it has to offer, Vancouverites may like to think their city is a beacon of health compared to other Canadian cities.

But a newly-released report from The Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) that compares the health of 10 Canadian cities shows that may not be the case.

In fact, the study – the first such one by CBOC – finds that Vancouver doesn’t even make the top three.

So which city is number one on the City Health Monitor?  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

“Saskatoon’s strength lies in a first-place ranking in the life satisfaction category and placing in the top four in population health and healthy lifestyle,” said CBOC in a release.

Where did Vancouver place on the list? Sixth. Yup, not even in the top three.

But before you pack up and head for the prairies in search of supposedly greener pastures, it’s important to note that West Coasters should take this report with a grain of salt (or a healthier alternative if you prefer).

“Vancouver distinguishes itself from the other cities by ranking first in the population health and the healthy lifestyle categories,” the report stated. “However, lower scores in access to health care services and life satisfaction give Vancouver an overall 6th place finish.”

And although Canadian cities “have similar standards of living, slight variations between cities may have significant impacts on the health of its citizens,” said Louis Thériault, vice-president of public policy for the CBOC.

Benchmarking cities’ health performance “helps identify gaps and determine policy priorities to improve the health care system and the health of Canadians,” Thériault added.

Meanwhile, Canada’s two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, ranked ninth and tenth, respectively. While Toronto received a B grade, Montreal was given a D.

Top 10 Canadian City Health Grades

  1. Saskatoon – A
  2. Calgary – A
  3. Winnipeg – A
  4. Quebec City – B
  5. Ottawa-Gatineau – B
  6. Vancouver – B
  7. Halifax – B
  8. Edmonton – B
  9. Toronto – B
  10. Montreal – D

Eric Zimmer
Staff Writer at Daily Hive.

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