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Rare snow orcas spotted on Jericho Beach in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Jenni Sheppard Feb 06, 2017 6:27 am 15,176

Wildlife enthusiasts in Vancouver were treated to a rare sight this weekend – two majestic snow orcas in their natural habitat on Jericho Beach.

The awesome orcas were created by local man Aaron Cambrin, 27, who told Daily Hive they took about 15 hours to build.

“I rolled out big snowballs to get the basic structure, then made more snowballs to fill in the gaps and to easily gather more snow,” said Cambrin.

“I started with the spy hop orca on Friday. Then starting on Saturday, it took me two days to make the half body orca.”

Cambrin says the black substance covering the whales’ bodies is simply sand, taken from close to the water, so it appears darker than usual.

Surprisingly, he says he has never made anything on this scale before, and only pursues art as a hobby. He is in fact a dishwasher by trade.

Cambrin says he wanted to make the orcas because he thought it would be fun, cool and they’re his favourite animal.

“I envisioned making them on Jericho Beach last winter but didn’t get around to it,” said Cambrin.

“But now with this recent snowfall I thought I would do it right now and see how things turn out.”

Pretty damn amazing, we reckon.

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Jenni Sheppard
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