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Single in Vancouver: Hockey season is back

DH Vancouver Staff Jan 25, 2013 9:08 am

Single in Vancouver? Hockey is back and you know what that means- an excuse to drink on a Tuesday nights, girls in tight Canucks gear and weekday hangovers. I’m not that girl who claims to love sports in an attempt to impress men, I’m the girl who admits to knowing nothing about sports but likes draft beer enough to sit through a game. So when hockey came back to this city, I did what I do best- went to the bar, ordered a beer, got comfortable and people watched the people watching the game.

I think it’s safe to say that I was probably the only person in the bar who didn’t know what team the Canucks were playing, but what I did know was that men and women of all ages had congregated to cheer on our team resulting in several sloppy drunks. As the man in front of me wound up and slapped the girls ass next to him, I took one look at my friend and decided “this is Single in Vancouver material.” He was grabbing that thing like he had been starved of a firm booty for years and she was liking it. Did they know each other? I’m still unsure but their mouths definitely knew each other well by the third period.

With a beer in hand my girlfriend and I headed to the nearest table with the least amount of men above the age of 40. While conversing we were politely interrupted by a man who referred to himself as a “non creepy ginger” who wasn’t trying to “pick us up” but was only inviting us to join his party. He was in fact correct, as far as creepy gingers go, he was lacking all creepy aspects- he was friendly, clearly confident and nice enough to invite us to join him seeing as we were alone. Did we want to join his group of male friends who were taking shots of something pink and extremely feminine? No, but I thanked him and told him I’d be accepting drinks and shots all night.

In this city full of men incapable of conversing with women in public, I was pleasantly surprised that I was amongst men who were equipped with confidence and ass grabbing fascinations.

It was time for my second beer and as I left the table and headed to the bar I gave a “good on ya” head nod to the non-creepy ginger who has lured 2 females to his table.

The fact of the matter is, if the Canucks are playing, most bars and pubs in Vancouver are filled. No matter the location or time, girls are dressed in tight team t-shirts and guy are checking them out while wearing jerseys that likely smell. Like I mentioned previously, I may not be the biggest sports fan but I sure like my beer and most definitely sport a tight low cut Canucks T while drinking it.

Women, this is your opportunity to get out there. I’m not sure there is any other night that compares to a game night as far as the female to male ratio goes. Men dominate the bar scene on hockey night and although they may be fixated on the screen with their dirty chicken wing fingers, the game will end and they might just notice you (especially if you have pushed up boobs in a Canucks T… just sayin).

Men, you are already at the pub. You have probably downed 5 beers and I personally think this is your time to lay on the pickup lines and eye sex. Maybe you didn’t go to check out the ladies but you might as well… considering the likely hood that most of the women will be intoxicated.

On any other day, bar patrons have no real connection to one another, yet on these game days, suddenly everyone loves each other and high fives are given out like fake smiles at work functions. Hockey brings our city together, just like traffic, rain and expensive parking, we can all relate.

So on the next game day why not comb your hair, brush your teeth and shower- maybe you’ll meet someone, if not there’s always nachos and yam fries to fill the void.

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Image: Hayden Wood Photography



DH Vancouver Staff
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