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Vancouver Model: Jennifer Nguyen

DH Vancouver Staff Dec 08, 2009 8:10 pm

Jennifer Nguyen is a cheese loving Scorpio with killer looks. However don’t confuse that angry look because she is a kind, funny loving soul that just wants to be your friend. Let’s get one thing out of the way, fellas she is taken, so sorry. Furthermore, she is an avid cartoonaholic and loves to play video games.

Her favourite movies include Ice Age and Finding Nemo. Her favourite televisions shows are Family Guy, South Park and Two N Half Men.

Here is our interview with Jennifer, continue reading to see 11 more photos!

VcB: How did you get into modeling?

Jennifer: My first time ever doing any modeling was way back when I was about 16. One of my good friends ’til this very day asked me to replace a girl for a shoot. At first I was like uhh no way! but he talked me into going through with it and my god I love him for it cause it was awesome [laughs]. I had photographers coming up to me asking me to shoot and work with them at the show and I guess that’s how I became a model. I did stop for couple of years though and actually didn’t start again until about 2 years ago. I just fell in love with everything about modeling especially my fans and the business side of it.

VcB: When you leave the house, what would be one thing you must have with you?

Jennifer: Oh my god, I’ve got to have some kind of chapstick or lip gloss! my lips get dry so fast and its sooo addicting using chapsticks! I’m sure I am not alone on this one!

VcB: What is your nationality?

Jennifer: How about you guess my nationality? What do you think it is? I’ve had a lot of people come up to me thinking I’m Filipino even Filipinos themselves would come up to me and talk to me and we would actually get into a little fight together cause they would be like ” YOUR FILIPINO! ” and I’ll be like ” NO I’M NOT!” and it goes on and on and on [laughs]! Others think I’m mix half Chinese half something else, A lot of people think I look mix as well but my real nationality is………….* drum roll* …………… VIETNAMESE.
I’m sure it wasn’t my last name that gave it away hmm ?[laughing, winks]

VcB: Besides modeling, what else do you do?

Jennifer: I am actually a pretty ambitious person and I love being a leader. I don’t ever stop until I’m satisfied and I’m never satisfied. Besides modeling, I also run my own go go dance squad and modeling company called Deadly Combination (DC). A team of beautiful models ready to take over the world. It all started about 2 years ago but I took a break for a year and now its been relaunched, it’s still pretty new but keep your eyes peeled cause we’re going to rock your world! Don’t Blink Now! I’m going to be launching DC’s very own website, along with that I’m going to be putting out calenders and posters and many other sexy fun goodies [laughs].

I am also working on my website at the moment as well. Its going to be a blog style website where I can connect with my fans and share my candy with them ha ha! I am also a bartender, I also schedule girls to bartend as well for things like receptions and private parties. I pretty much do whatever I can get my hands on! [laughs]. Also I also have my own business online, You can say I’m always busy with something for sure!

VcB: Besides all that, what are your future plans?

Jennifer: Besides all the things I’m already doing, I want to launch a clothing line and also bikinis and a lingerie line. Chances are it’s going to be connected with Deadly Combination. If everything works out with all my business plans, I’ll be laid back and relaxing, just enjoying life the way I want too without worrying about anything else. hmmm Mexico sounds nice. I’ll take everybody with me [big smile]

VcB: Do you play any video games?

Jennifer: Yeah! My favourite games to play would be any kind of fighting games or games with guns, like Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War! Have you guys ever played Time Crisis? It has a blue gun and a red gun. I think its the 4th one. The ones you see at the arcade a lot. My girlfriend and I played that one time and took out 20 bucks in coins and we beat the whole game at 3am lol! oooo I felt so cool [laughs]!

VcB: What would you say you love the most about modeling?

Jennifer: Ohhh, that’s a hard one…[long pause]
I think I`m going to have the share the love on this one. I love everything! I love feeling the energy off everybody when I’m dancing on stage, meeting people and networking. I love the fact that I have friends all over the world and I love traveling! I’m a  people person so if anybody wants to be my friend then your going to get a friend! [laughs]. I am very honoured to have worked with everybody I have worked with and I’m looking forward to meeting more awesome and talented people in the future as well [huge smile].

VcB: Where have you go go danced?

Jennifer: I’ve go go danced in a lot of places! Almost every club here in Vancouver and danced at a hand full of clubs down in Toronto as well.

VcB: Have you taken over the world yet or are you still working on it [laughs]?

Jennifer: ha ha ha, I’m definitely still working on it. I’ve traveled across Canada and also some places in the states. In the future I want to try out Asia. Maybe Hong Kong for a little bit then Vietnam. See where the adventure takes me.

VcB: Favourite food?

Jennifer: OH GOD! I would eat ANYTHING. I love going to different restaurants and trying out different food. My favourite I would have to say is PIZZA and PASTA…MMMmmmmmmm

VcB: Was being a model always your dream?

Jennifer: No, I wanted to be in one of those animal rescue squads! I love animals and I always wanted to volunteer at SPCA but could never put some time on the side for it. When I was younger, I always dreamed of getting a huge house just to rescue all the animals from the SPCA and put them in my home [laughs] but I realize that would be next to impossible! A girl can still dream. I change what I want to be a lot. I don’t think I can ever be happy with just one job. Doing the same thing everyday.

VcB: What is your favourite part of your body?

Jennifer: I don’t really have a favourite but a lot of people like my booty haha.

VcB: What would you say to other inspiring models out there?

Jennifer: Never let anybody break your dream and if you’re serious about being a model then start being serious about being a soldier cause that’s what its going to be like about 40 percent of the time. If you fall, get up. There is no success without failure and you wont learn how to win without having to lose. Do your research and just have fun. You are beautiful. Go confidently in the direction of your dream cause life without adventure isn’t worth living. Live the life you imagine.

VcB: Thanks Jennifer for taking the time to do this for the lucky readers of the Buzz.

Jennifer: [winks] Your welcome, anytime.

We conclude this interview with a quote (and of course more photos) from the lovely Miss Jennifer:

I’m a very outgoing person, outspoken, very friendly and truthfully I like to enjoy myself and have everybody enjoy their time with me. Being a model and in the lime light is fun but there’s always the dark side of things. Out of 10 people that would love you, there would be 30 that would hate you. Ive been attacked many times with harsh negative comments about my appearance or how they think I am. It doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do but it bugs me to think people just talk about somebody without actually ever meeting them is kinda silly to me. Some of them end up meeting me and actually liking me and that makes me laugh cause until then it seems like their waiting for me to prove something. Ha ha ha I’ve got to admit, my looks look pretty mean but my personality does not match my looks at all! lol Its a cruel world everybody, luckily I got strength of a AK-47 and my killer go go boots to kick some butt! ha ha I’m just playing!

Some of her appearances include:
Miss December for BOMBSHELL CALENDER 2008
Sports compact performance Montreal 2007
Driven to perform Vancouver 2007
First Cover Model for RXI MAGAZINE /
HIN San Mateo 2007
Asian Pacific Post Campus scene
Driven to perform 2004
Importfest 2004
Photographers: Yanki Yuksell and Benito

DH Vancouver Staff
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