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Dec 09, 2017 6:00 pm
Dec 09, 2017 9:00 pm
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Federation Gallery
Federation of Canadian Artists
1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

ShowOff - Live Painting Event & Fundraiser

Inspired by the Art Battle scene developing in Vancouver, SHOWOFF will be a special night where guests bare witness to 5 of our Signature members creating one-of-a-kind pieces right before your eyes. All working from the same reference source and under a time restriction, these artists will each create something unique and flavoured with their own style, afterwhich will be open for auction.

The artists joining us for the evening include Gaye Adams, Susie Cipolla, Charlie Easton, Janice Robertson & Kathy Traeger

We wanted to steer away from the idea of "battling", as this event is not a competition between artists, but rather a chance for them to show-off what they can do for an appreciative and attentive audience.

Once the paintings are complete, all pieces will be put up for auction in the form of a "Sealed Bid". This means that guests will simultaneously place their bids for their selected piece(s) into a sealed box, so no bidder is influenced by what previous auction participants have bid - they choose a price that they feel honours the true value of the piece created. Highest bidder is the winner of the piece.

We hope to make this a reoccuuring event in order to continuously raise the necessary funds, and to offer more opportunities for artists to show-off their skills and members to mingle and enjoy. Of the funds raised, 2/3 of the proceeds from the painting sales will go towards the FCA to help further develop the services we offer artists across Canada and 1/3 will deservingly go back to each artist to show appreciation for their invaluable time and effort.

Each ticket includes 2 drinks for the evening and there will also be light snacks available.

Please come out and support the FCA and our artists so we can continue to offer the best services that we can...while having a great time doing it!

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