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Nov 24, 2018 9:30 am
Nov 25, 2018 4:30 pm
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$220.00 to $270.00
Semiahmoo Arts Society
Federation of Canadian Artists
14601 20th Ave, Surrey

Painting as an Extension of Basic Drawing Principles with Rick McDiarmid

Learning to draw is a process of learning to see relationships in a different way. We abandon the notion of “things” and move into a new way of “seeing”. The principles learned are not abandoned in the transition to painting and the many respective mediums that may be employed. Observation and conscious awareness of visual relationships is fundamental to our successful creative expression. This includes not only the relationships that we observe with chosen subject matter (e.g. objects from life or those from photo reference, sketches and other conceptual material) but also the changing relationships on our painting surfaces as we engage the many forming processes.

Moving into the painting process may include various technical considerations such as chosen medium (e.g. oils, acrylics, watercolour, mixed media) and preparation of applicable surfaces, before any layout or drawing is started. Following this selection and preparation of materials, the painting process begins and may include a number of different approaches from traditional to more explorative methods. Setting up the composition and design is a process of integrating visual elements such as, shapes and their edge relationships, mass form and line, colour relationships of hue, value, intensity, dominance of colour and form and surface quality, to name a few. Brushes, painting knives and other tools of application are commonly used to execute the drawing and painting development.

This two-day workshop offers an overview of the relationship between subject matter, drawing and painting, which are part of the foundational skills of what every artist should know. Rick will delve deep into the awareness of visual relationship, focusing on how to review and use reference materials (e.g. sketches, drawings, photographs, studies and notes) and the skills gained in the previous workshop to create a strong painting statement. Underpainting techniques, drawing with the brush, compositional considerations and an increasing awareness of the visual relationships that we are setting up in the process of painting, will be the focus.

Participants may paint in acrylic, oils or watercolour (choose one medium only for the two days) and will endeavor to complete one painting idea during the short two-day cycle.

This workshop will include one on one instruction, demonstrations, and Q and A opportunities, gaining both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice of these basic building blocks of the visual arts.

MEDIUM: Acrylic, Oil or Watercolour (choose one)
LEVEL: Beginner & Intermediate
DAY: November 24 & 25 2018
TIME: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
LOCATION: Semiahmoo Arts Society, Surrey
PRICING: Members $220 / Non-Members $270

“Although drawing was a favourite pastime during childhood, my education and much of my early adult life was spent working in a technical and industrial environment. Many years have passed since starting a study of painting and art history in 1970 and in spite of endless hours in the studio and thousands of paintings later, I am still driven to pick up a brush and push some paint around, to improve and fulfill what seems to be an ever elusive creative pursuit.”

Paintings include works in oils, acrylics and watermedia. Ideas are explored and interpreted in a range of creative expression including representational, semi-abstract and abstract. The visual images are developed using a variety of forming processes and randomness and explorative techniques are often employed to reveal unique surface elements and energy in the finished work. Subject matter most often integrates human activity and surroundings in a visual narrative that invites the viewer in, to discover and explore, to complete the story or continue the inner journey or experience.

Richard is a signature member of both the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA) and the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and was a member of Painters at Painters, a prestigious B.C. artist’s peer group. He has served the Federation of Canadian Artists for many years in positions at the board level, VP level, and as the initiator of numerous studio art educational programs within the organization as well as with other local arts organizations. Annual workshop instruction included activity in Canada, US, Britain, France and Spain. His many award winning paintings have been exhibited in solo shows, group shows and international shows including, The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS), to name a few. Examples of his paintings and articles have appeared in art publications including International Artist’s Magazine. Richard’s paintings can be found in commercial galleries and corporate and private collections in many countries worldwide.

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