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Nov 03, 2018 9:30 am
Nov 04, 2018 4:30 pm
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$220.00 to $270.00
Semiahmoo Arts Society
Federation of Canadian Artists
14601 20th Ave, Surrey

Drawing for Painting: The Art of Seeing with Mark Anthony

Certain manual skills are critical for every artist, draftsman and painter alike. Following the footsteps of great European masters, this workshop teaches how to secure a confident understanding of visual realities through manual drawing. Thankfully the world has a record of many master drawings that preceded great paintings by Raphael, Canaleto, Michelangelo, Van Dyck, Rubens, Rembrandt, and so on. We will explore what they drew and how they drew, what they saw and how they saw, what they understood and how they understood, in terms of their immediate visual world. These exceptional drawing studies became masterworks in themselves and, more importantly, the academic platform leading to other great masterpieces.

While this workshop is not an art history presentation, you will be taught to utilize manual drawing as a study platform for understanding and solving artistic solutions to common visual problems and challenges. This invaluable process is the key to enabling the artist to move forward in executing a finished master study with confidence and skill, regardless of the medium. And, our focus will be on a practical approach using key fundamental principles.

All demonstrations are set up for the benefit of the new and experienced artist alike. Your drawings will be your notes.

Section 1
Composition, Perspective and Linear Space (side study - Canaleto, Cortes, Ruisdale): You will compose and build a perspective drawing and learn several skills associated with spatial recession and measuring.

Section 2
Measuring, Light, Values, Patterns, Edges and Form (side study - Bargue, Sculture Collections): Certain complex subjets can be intimidating. You will learn easy-to-use manual measuring techniques that facilitate a simple approach to managing complex, abstract, natural forms. You will learn to define light & shadow patterns, edges and values that collectively solve form. These logical solutions lead the artist to a finished artwork.

Section 3
Fundamentals Behind Drawing From Life - Anatomy & Proportion (side study - Michelangelo, Albinus): Successful live-model drawing is no accident. You will learn to progressively define what you observe through anatomical and proportional knowledge, and transform these into practical skills. You will see a clear connection between accurate proportion and poetic beauty.

Section 4
Questions & Answers: You will have an opportunity to review the previous 2 days and solve questions and problems as time permits

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Anthony
MEDIUM: Drawing (for all painters)
LEVEL: Beginner & Intermediate
DAY: November 3 & 42018
TIME: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
LOCATION: Semiahmoo Arts Society, Surrey
PRICING: Members $220 / Non-Members $270

For over 30 years, Mark Anthony's great passion for artistic tradition complimented with his own strong European roots has lead him into a career in representational drawing based on the poetic charm of the old-world European studio. His professional history includes owning and operating a small Alberta based portrait studio/gallery, working with private, historical and municipal heritage projects, and teaching hundreds of students at all levels in the grand tradition of observational and classical drawing. Currently, Mark teaches regular classes in fundamental studies, traditional drawing and portraiture, on the North Shore.

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