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Doi Chaang Coffee company giveaway

DH Vancouver Staff Nov 27, 2012 9:43 am
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There’s a lot of coffee activity that goes on in the Lower Mainland. You can grab a cup of your favourite roast pretty much on every corner. So why should you care about yet another coffee company like Doi Chaang? What makes them different?

DOI CHAANG COFFEE COMPANY is local, it’s family-owned, funded and operated, recognized for its unique “beyond fair trade” business structure which returns the majority of the profits to the coffee farmers, called the Akha Hill Tribe people.

The indigenous AKHA hill tribe cultivates and processes the Arabica coffee in family-owned gardens in Doi Chang Village located in the Chang Rai province of northern Thailand.

Beyond fair trade : Under the company’s unique business structure, the AKHA farmers are paid in excess of the recommended Fair Trade price, keep 100% of the profits from domestic sales and have been gifted 50% ownership in the Canadian Doi Chaang Coffee Company which is funded 100% by the Canadian side.

Thanks to the beyond fair trade business practices, this once impoverished Doi Chaang Village is now sustainable and the AKHA are committed to the welfare of other hill tribe villages in northern Thailand. This is all thanks to coffee drinkers like yourselves! They couldn’t do it without you.


We’ve paired with Doi Chaang to giveaway two gift baskets. Product details (what’s in the gift basket):

  • Single-Estate Peaberry: COST: $15.99: A coffee cherry typically produces two flat sided beans, yet when a cherry produces only one oval shaped bean, it is called a peaberry. The peaberry bean is much smaller with a higher concentrated flavour and represents only 5% of our annual crop. Our Single-Estate Piko’s Peaberry is unlike anything you have ever tasted with an intense fruity floral aroma and a heavy full-bodied profile. Rare and highly sought after, our Peaberry is slowly and carefully roasted for a vibrant and distinctive taste. Deep-toned with a hint of earthiness, we are confident this will be your ultimate coffee experience.
  • Single-Estate Signature: COST: $15.99: A select combination of our finest beans are roasted in individual batches and then combined to create a full, lively cup. Roasting on different levels produces a complex, yet seamless blend that has a spicy aroma and a full-bodied undertone with distinct floral notes.
  • Single-Estate Espresso: COST: $15.99: While most espressos require a blend of beans from various regions, our Single-Estate Espresso has both the complexity and profile to stand on its own. A unique delicate espresso, it brings the distinctive characteristics of Doi Chaang Coffee into your cup. It is a sweet-toned, yet rich espresso that has a silky mouth feel. The finish is clean, fruity and well-balanced.
  • Wild Thai Civet Coffee: COST: $55.00: This roast produces an elegantly smooth cup with floral undertones that are quite pronounced in the aroma. There is a detectable macadamia nut presence, while the finish is clean with a hint of tanginess on the sides of the tongue. Doi Chaang Wild Civet Coffee beans receive a medium-light roast to maintain the unique, complex flavours that develop while the coffee cherries interact with the civet’s digestive system.

AND a free 2013 Doi Chaang Calendar!

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Contest ends December 2, 2012.

DH Vancouver Staff
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