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Trudeau returns from Peru to meet Horgan, Notley over pipeline dispute

C5667d28f1f280a1107a885ad0d95d34?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Calgary Staff Apr 12, 2018 1,311
BREAKING: The Prime Minister has requested the premiers meet with him in Ottawa to discuss the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

These are all the mayors in Metro Vancouver not seeking re-election this fall

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Apr 11, 2018 1,590
Nine mayors out of the region's 21 municipalities have said they won't run.

Linda Hepner will NOT seek re-election as Surrey Mayor

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Apr 10, 2018 1,244
After becoming mayor in 2014, she's calling it quits.

John Horgan appoints new task force to review BC's rental housing laws

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Apr 10, 2018 2,907
"Everything is on the table."- John Horgan

Rachel Notley responds to Kinder Morgan's pipeline spending suspension

7739b8b07c01245af9d54cc6ef0d83d3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Chandler Walter Apr 09, 2018 627
"This pipeline will be built."

Horgan isn't backing down from Kinder Morgan pipeline fight

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Apr 09, 2018 1,873
"British Columbians expect their government to stand up for their interests and our coast."- Horgan

Kinder Morgan suspends all non-essential spending on Trans Mountain Expansion

7739b8b07c01245af9d54cc6ef0d83d3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Chandler Walter Apr 09, 2018 542
The final decision on if the project goes forward will come on May 31.

SFU's Shauna Sylvester to run for Mayor of Vancouver

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Apr 05, 2018 1,103
She announced her bid this morning.

Protesters to greet Justin Trudeau during his Vancouver visit today

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Apr 05, 2018 1,453
He's in the city for a roundtable discussion and fundraising event.

Vision Vancouver still has no mayoral candidate for 2018 election

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Apr 04, 2018 542
But there's a strategy to unite the left.

Top local chefs to ask BC government to protect wild salmon

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Apr 03, 2018 1,040
There are some big names behind this movement.

'I will seek a fourth term' Gregor Robertson tweets at 4 am on April Fools'

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Apr 02, 2018 503
Gregor got in on the fun.

Vancouver to become new BC capital, government moving to Vancouver Art Gallery building

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Apr 01, 2018 113,502
BREAKING... The legislature and 14,000 bureaucrats will be moved, a cost of approximately $1.5 billion.

Metro Vancouver board members vote to give themselves a raise

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 29, 2018 1,946
The vote also included a retirement allowance.

Vancouver mayor to formally apologize to residents of Chinese descent

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 28, 2018 5,788
The apology will be part of the Chinatown Culture Day event.

MPs caught dancing and sleeping during marathon filibuster session in House of Commons (VIDEO)

4dd0e852301e879ba5ea9b17866c778b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Simran Singh Mar 23, 2018 1,187
'All Night Long' was a fitting theme song.

Canada's Green Party leader arrested at Kinder Morgan pipeline protest

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 23, 2018 10,991
BREAKING... Elizabeth May and NDP MP Kennedy Stewart were just arrested.

BC MLA introduces bill to make all coffee pods compostable

58c892ab3e37f481b847a28d0ce07e71?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kurtis Gregory Mar 23, 2018 901
Canadians currently use 1.5 billion single use coffee pods a year.

Canadian government's cannabis legalization bill passes Senate vote

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 22, 2018 4,808
BREAKING: We're one big step closer to cannabis legalization.

BC announces it's moving forward on LNG investment decision

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 22, 2018 3,393
"Our new approach welcomes investment that puts our province’s people and future first"

BC Premier John Horgan ranked most favourable premier in Canada

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Mar 21, 2018 1,306
He has even gained popularity since becoming premier.

Park Board Commissioner John Coupar to run for Mayor of Vancouver

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 21, 2018 352
He announced his plan today.

A 28-year-old Canadian is behind the massive Facebook data scandal in the US

8b597568706793ed1508c313361a119a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Yasmin Aboelsaud Mar 20, 2018 9,685
And it's why #DeleteFacebook is trending.

Metro Vancouver YWCA CEO Janet Austin appointed new BC Lieutenant Governor

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 20, 2018 304
She "is an outstanding leader who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others." - Trudeau

Trudeau could be denied entry into USA once no longer PM, says immigration lawyer

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Mar 19, 2018 2,038
It's a realistic possibility according to an immigration lawyer.

Majority of Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau for the first time: Poll

F502f7908ba095fe2659859b7d60ec54?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Staff Mar 19, 2018 4,653
The Conservatives would win if an election were held tomorrow.

BC had opt out clauses until 2021 for FIFA World Cup in Vancouver

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Mar 16, 2018 3,526
"Negotiating with the BC NDP is like negotiating with the Beverly Hillbillies," says Canada Soccer executive.

Trump admits to making up facts about trade deficit in meeting with Trudeau

8b597568706793ed1508c313361a119a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Yasmin Aboelsaud Mar 15, 2018 4,415
"I didn’t even know... I had no idea."

BC NDP bringing back 'No Fun City' to Vancouver by pulling out of World Cup bid, says MLA

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Mar 14, 2018 1,883
"Soccer fans in BC should be angry about this. This bid should have proceeded, there's no question about it."

City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto won't seek re-election in fall

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Mar 13, 2018 257
He's been part of City Council for over two decades.
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