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Chance with Mets gave Blue Jays fans another opportunity to tell Bautista 'thanks'

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jul 04, 2018 354
He still doesn't look right in that uniform though...

Jose Bautista receives lengthy standing ovation in return to Toronto (VIDEO)

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams Jul 03, 2018 691
🎶 José, José, José, José 🎶

Blue Jays trade Steve Pearce to Boston Red Sox

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jun 28, 2018 534
The selloff begins.

Randal Grichuk makes Blue Jays' catch of the year (VIDEO)

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jun 25, 2018 1,581
Robbing a home run 👀

Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna suspended 75 games by MLB

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jun 22, 2018 3,435
A criminal investigation is currently ongoing.

The Blue Jays need to trade J.A. Happ and they need to do it now

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jun 21, 2018 1,060
His value has never been higher.

How Instagram and hot dogs made Vancouver fall in love with Canadians baseball

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams Jun 20, 2018 1,069
They don't know who's playing but they love being #AtTheNat ⚾️

Grichuk finally looking like the player the Blue Jays thought they traded for

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jun 18, 2018 568
He's been one of their hottest hitters this month.

Vancouver Canadians are hosting a FREE Father's Day event at Nat Bailey Stadium

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jun 08, 2018 1,234
Who's up for a game of catch?

UBC baseball player selected by New York Yankees in MLB Draft

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams Jun 06, 2018 2,349
"I can’t really put it into words"

Attendance for Blue Jays games at Rogers Centre is down 27% in 2018

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter Jun 04, 2018 1,781
They haven't seen attendance drop this significantly since the mid-1990s.

Vancouver Canadians player crashed through outfield wall in world-famous blooper in 1991 (VIDEO)

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 27, 2018 735
It's one of the most famous bloopers of all-time.

Fan plays rock-paper-scissors with pitcher during Blue Jays game (VIDEO)

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 24, 2018 1,202
The game within the game 👊✋✌️😂

Blue Jays game won't be shown on TV and fans are FURIOUS

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 23, 2018 4,457
Fans handled the news like you might expect...

Jose Bautista's MLB career will continue with New York Mets

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter May 22, 2018 1,005
Joey Bats cannot be stopped!

The Vancouver Canadians are hosting a job fair this week

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 22, 2018 922
Roll into Nat Bailey Stadium for a cool summer job 😎

Jose Bautista released by Atlanta Braves, career in jeopardy

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter May 20, 2018 5,014
This could be the end for the Blue Jays legend.

Report: Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna given restraining order

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 17, 2018 2,170
He has to stay at least 100 metres away from a building in Toronto.

In defence of Joey Votto, not his anti-Canadian comments

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter May 16, 2018 1,519
There's a reason he said what he said.

Canadian MLB star Joey Votto apologizes for insulting his home country

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 16, 2018 681
"I am sorry for my selfish comments and I humbly ask for your forgiveness."

Guerrero Jr sends Blue Jays fans into a frenzy after cryptic Instagram post

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter May 14, 2018 2,375
Innocent mistake or a top-notch troll job?

How MLB responds to Osuna's arrest will have long-term implications for its female fanbase

6cdf996d24933e2f9dcf852a569ef033?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ruth Kapelus May 09, 2018 2,311
It's time to take domestic assault more seriously.

Canadian James Paxton throws no-hitter against Blue Jays in Toronto

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 08, 2018 767
Just the second Canadian to ever throw a no-hitter!

Report: Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna has been arrested

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 08, 2018 5,311
He was arrested Tuesday morning in Toronto.

Blue Jays prospect Guerrero hits four eye-popping home runs in less than a week (VIDEO)

25064e65e8273af8640eec869eb8ad8f?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ian Hunter May 07, 2018 1,102
One ball hit the hotel. THE HOTEL.

Jose Bautista says 'thank you' to Blue Jays fans in heartfelt letter

D65ee5c0c621138e6583683efa1bd7fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Rob Williams May 04, 2018 2,179
"Those seasons meant everything to me."
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