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Vancouver Model: Carolina Sanchez

DH Vancouver Staff May 16, 2011 2:57 pm

This is our third profile on Carolina. The readers demanded more and we deliver the goods. This is our biggest profile yet on Carolina. She’s had a busy year and we here at Vancity Buzz expect even bigger things from her in the future.

Vancity Buzz: You are definitely a fashionista! What are 5 things every girl should have in her closet?

Carolina: Well thanks! I have magazines, fashion TV and bloggers like Le Mode du Jour to thank for that!

Personally, I think you need to have one great pair of jeans. Something like a jegging that fits like a glove will look good with pretty much anything you pair it with.
Second: A blazer is always classy. You can always dress it up or down and you can wear it any season.
Third: Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!! They add a little flare to any outfit.
Fourth: Shoes are a must. I have way more heels then I need so I would suggest getting some cute flats and boots that are stylish but comfortable cause heels are terrible on your feet.
And lastly a sexy dress that’s not too bold but fits your curves in the right way and you can wear with any type of heel, coat, blazer etc. Think little black dress but doesn’t necessarily have to be black.

VcB: You are without a doubt in great shape. How do you keep it up? I need some tips!

Carolina: I’m not a teen anymore so gone are the days of eating McDonalds 10 times a week. It’s been over the past year and a bit that I’ve really started changing my habits… Plus I ran in the Vancouver Marathon (I did the half which is about 21.5k) at the beginning of May and I needed to make sure I wouldn’t be one of the people passed out at the medical station =p

I use to be a huge rice eater… lunch and dinner, lots of rice. I wanted to test my will power this Spring so I gave up rice for lent and now only eat (brown rice) 1-2 times a week. I also make sure to take a home prep’d lunch to work so i’m not tempted to eat fast food or anything that is packed full of grease. I drink 4-8 cups of water a day which also curbs munching.

As far as exercise goes, I run for 25-45 minutes on the treadmill at least 2-4 times a week. I do a few sets of ab work outs and very, very light weight training on my arms and legs cause it’s important as you get older to build not lose muscle.

Everything is good in moderation. I don’t drink a lot or eat a lot of junk food but i do have a huge sweet tooth and i always cheat with chocolate 🙂

VcB: What are some cool new gigs you have booked in the last little? Besides the DIPT and Jaide shoot with Vancity Buzz of course 😉

Carolina: I recently shot a scene in Underworld 4. I was originally cast to be a dancer in a club scene but it was changed last minute so I ended up as a “Hot Girl” in a lounge scene. I got to sit in a booth right next to Kate Beckinsale and I won’t lie, we had a moment [laughs]. That was probably one of the cooler gigs. I’ve done some magazine work for Indulge and later this month I will have images in XO Magazine =)

I’m also gonna be heading to LA next month to do some shoots so hopefully something good will come of that!

VcB: You’ve done a lot of different types of shoots, which shows a lot of versatility. Is there any kind of shoot you have yet to do?

Carolina: I would love to do something a little more funky, urban, with a hip hop feel. I’ve been a hip hop girl since I was little but it doesn’t really reflect in my daily style so something with that kinda vibe would be really fun.

VcB: We heard you made another video game appearance. Tell us more about that?

Carolina: I did! When we spoke a couple years ago I had just wrapped a video game with EA as a Virtual girl for Need for Speed and that project was halted cause EA ended up laying off a huge amount of people from their staff and a lot of the guys that were working on my project were let go and the game ended up being scrapped. I got paid but at the end of the day, it would have been really cool to have a finished product to hold on to and be able to show my kids down the road.

One of the guy’s I worked with on that project got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to be in an iPhone game called “Waves: Survivor” which I immediately said yes to! The team, James Lau, Justin Jerome Chance, Mark Williams and Bill Li are hilarious so it didn’t really feel like work.

I play a mermaid in the game and I give Johnny Calm hearts, points and words of encouragement through his travels at sea. If you have the game, turn up the volume so you can hear me!!

Here’s a shot of me as a Mermaid for Waves:

As always I appreciate everyone’s support and if you wanna keep in touch with me and find out what i’m doing check me out on facebook and “like” my page. Hope to see you guys there!

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Photography Credit: Hayden Wood Photography, Kevin Genzel “The Third Sequence”, Bob Lai Photography, Patrick Lo Photography
and Ramses Radi

Special thanks to: Whitebox Studios, DIPT, Jaide Clothing, MUA Andie Aichholz, MUA Shawnna Downing and stylist Lauren DesLauriers

DH Vancouver Staff
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