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73 best photos of Vancouver this week

Kenneth Chan Jul 28, 2016 1:33 pm

Vancouver is home to some amazing photographers, and many of them are on Instagram. Every week, we receive thousands of photo submissions by email and social media with the hashtag #DailyHiveVan.

A compilation of the best photos in and around Metro Vancouver is created every week; if you want your photos to be showcased, the easiest way is to simply upload your photo on Instagram and use the hashtag.

From the best of nature to the best of the urban, and everything in between, Vancouver’s best photos on Instagram will be featured in our next weekly photo gallery!

A photo posted by marija (@marija_bojanic) on

Sunday’s thunderstorm over Steveston and the West Dyke.

A photo posted by Tristan Todd ( on

I’m pixel whale watching. You’re pretty, #vancouver. #digitalorca #canadaplace #vancitybuzz #dailyhivevan

A photo posted by Ambrose Tham (@blessedatss) on

#vsco #vscocam #vscoca

A photo posted by Chinno Lao (@aylaoiii) on

5 am

A photo posted by Alex Son (@_alexson) on

#cocktailswithaview #vancity #vancouver #vancitybuzz #skyline #cityscape #robsonstreet #hiddengems

A photo posted by Katie Lyons (@katiemarielyons21) on

…christ the redeemer in vancouver? Nah, just yours truly @v.ngyn

A photo posted by Duykhanh Tran (@backyy) on

When she’s not impressed with my photography Lions Gate at night 3/3

A photo posted by Sheldon (@_happyfaceemoji) on

Urban isolation

A photo posted by Vancouver (@jaradss) on

Found out that I’m not too cool for aquafit

A photo posted by Melissa James (@lissyliger) on

Vancouver Summer

A photo posted by Laura (@thecreativeaccountant) on

Aquabus crawls under Granville St Bridge

A photo posted by @arnoldyvr on

Kygo 🎧

A photo posted by Vancouver (@lensodyssey) on


A photo posted by Vancouver (@henryhwu) on

Ever thought about how artists find inspiration for their paintings?

A photo posted by @soul_vancouver_bc on

Suspended pool of one of the new condo buildings in downtown Vancouver

A photo posted by EChe Sarpa (@evgenichekanov) on

I thought I’d Say Sum

A photo posted by CALGARY (@alvnklein) on

A photo posted by Gavin Jardine (@gavinous) on

Fuck yeah, I did it. #grind

A photo posted by Chris Matthew Gutierrez (@cmattgutierrez) on


A photo posted by Luc Frost (@lcfrst) on

A photo posted by jasondocarmo (@jdocarmophotography) on

sun dance #totescanadian #tourcanada #imagesofcanada #explorecanada #reflectiongram

A photo posted by Inquiries (@the.metropolis) on

Royal Sunset

A photo posted by Denis Threinen (@denacetosociety) on

Last nights sunset was something else #GoPro #Dootography #Slystick

A photo posted by Lucas Landry (@lucaslandry) on

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. The epic trips, the crazy experiences, and yes, the photos we can post after. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if Hut Trip taught us anything, it’s that that’s just the surface. What really matters is the people you meet, the relationships you build, the conversations, and the depth you realize we all have inside of us. It taught us that we all have dreams, we all have struggles, and we all have a whole bunch of untapped potential sitting deep inside. Taking a moment to catch sunrise, floating in complete silence with 20 new best friends. ‪#‎CSHutTrip‬ ‪#‎ChasingSunrise‬ #JanSportCanada #ItsGoodToBeHere #MakeHereCount #MySeair Credit: @icalderonphoto

A photo posted by Chasing Sunrise (@chasingsunrise) on

Spectacular for all 30km (7 hrs)

A photo posted by Patrisse Chan (@patrissec) on

🇳🇱 NL lights up Vancity . @celeboflight #celebrationoflight Shot w/ Canon T3i. ISO 100. F/8.0 at 6″0.

A photo posted by Ryan W (@mynameisdawong) on

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