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Vancouver (un)Model: Amie Nguyen

DH Vancouver Staff Mar 21, 2011 3:03 pm

This (un)model profile is a special one as this lovely lady is also the newest member of the Vancity Buzz staff. You may remember Amie  from her Canucks TV segment a couple months back. That pretty much cemented her role as part of VcB. Consider this photo shoot we did at Whitebox Studios her formal introduction. Follow her on twitter  @AmieNguyen

Vancity Buzz: Tell the people a little bit about yourself?

Amie Nguyen: HI! Umm … let’s see. I am a hopeless optimistic, I am a perfectionist, I am a big eater with the stomach capacity of a six-month pregnant woman, I love to perform, I love music (my favourite genre is Motown), and I am a “sportslete”. By sportslete, I use that term instead of athlete because I feel like when I call myself an athlete, it means that I’m good at the sports I play – and don’t ask me if I’m good, I’ll just tell you that I play :p Although I love it all, ice hockey is my favourite to play.

I’ve always been a very busy person, even in high school. I was very involved; I was the General Editor of the Annual, part of the Grad Committee, I was the Communications Officer in the Student Council aka P.A. girl, on the basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and dance team, in the Leadership program, and I also played club volleyball and was getting my lifeguard training done among other things. Let’s just say, I kept busy. But I loved every minute of it! Nothing has really changed since then haha. Right now, I am part of the justalilhype! crew, I work for Sports604, I’m a lifeguard/instructor for the City of Vancouver, I’m in the Business program at Capilano, I’m playing in a women’s basketball league, a co-ed volleyball league, a dodgeball league and next week, our soccer league starts! Also, I am now part of the oh-so-wonderful Vancity Buzz team! In between, I’m playing in different tournaments or putting on/helping different events or doing random gigs like music videos or photoshoots.

All of these commitments keep me busy but I am not complaining. I love it all and keeping busy is what keeps me going. If I slowed down and had too much time to do nothing, I succumb to it, especially if there’s a DVD season set lying around. I just feel like there’s so much to do and I want to do it ALL and by all, I mean all. I want to explore every inch of the world, I want to try every food out there, I want to watch as many movies as I can, I want to try every sport or hobby, hear every song, befriend as many people and feel the best emotions. I went through some rough patches not too long ago but needless to say, I’ve come back from it and I’ve never been so happy with consistency. I just believe that you should do what you gotta do to be happy because if not, what’s the point?

VcB: It’s no secret you’re a huge Canucks fan, what is your most memorable moment?

Amie: My most memorable moment is going to happen this year. BOOM.

Haha … I didn’t say it out loud so I’m good, but I’ll knock on wood any way. Yes, the Canucks are a huge part of my life. I grew up with my entire family following the Canucks. The first two names I ever heard were Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden. I don’t know how it really happened but one day, I just fell in love. I was such a tomboy (and still am) when I was younger, I always hung out with guys and naturally, the Canucks were always a priority in discussion.

One of my favourite memories was the first playoff game in 2007 against Dallas where we went into a quadruple OT. I was sitting in the 2nd row … or was it 4th … ? Anyways! A lot of people had left by that time and there was even a couple passed out behind me. I’m pretty sure I held my breath the entire time. Yup. When Hank (our beautiful captain now) put one in the back of net, I lost it. If you’ve ever been to a game with me, you know what I’m talking about. What? You want to take me? Two words: ear plugs. I have a picture and you can definitely feel what I was feeling by looking at the picture. I hope to relive a moment close to that this year. If not … I’m going to go somewhere nice, dig a hug hole, lay in it then get someone to cover the hole with a rock. I’ll come out when the season starts again. BUT! I’m super stoked, I’m so proud of how far this team has come. My favourite players are the Sedins and they have been since they got drafted in ’99. Ask anyone. And why did I love them? Brace yourself. Because I thought they were so cute falling down all the time. Seriously, does anyone remember that? They would just fall out of nowhere ALL THE TIME!!! And it made me giggle like a little boy in love with a little girl. It was awesome. GO CANUCKS!!!!!

Oh … and maybe my gig with Canucks TV 😉

VcB: You grew up in East Van, what’s your favourite part of town and why?

Amie: JOYCE. I’ve always lived in this area and it’s home to me. I used to roam these streets on feet as a shy little tomboy and I still roam these streets but the only different is that I’m on wheels as a not-so-shy big tomboy. I have so many memories — stories that’ll make you laugh, cringe, cry, give me props or make you go W T F. I’ve lived in three different houses all in a ten block radius. It’s so different than what it used to be; there are shops and stores everywhere. My cousins and I used to walk to either 711 or this little joint to get candy (that just reminded me of a funny story but maybe another time..) Now I walk down the street, I can get sushi, Subway, go see my doctor and get everything I need at the dollar store. I love it. It’s pretty central for me. The Skytrain is a few minutes away with Burnaby on one side and the rest of Vancouver on the other. Plus, I live on a hill and the view from my balcony is amazing. I get to see the beautiful snow-covered mountains in the day and the sun set over downtown Vancouver at night. I love my city.

VcB: You’re quite multi-talented but what is it that you like doing best?

Amie: Multi-talented? Hah .. uhh .. how about we say multi-doer.  Honestly, I love it all and I mean it. Everything that I do, I do it because I love it – no other reason. For work, I love working with kids and people and the ability to pass on a survival skill is very rewarding, especially when cute kids who give me hugs and kisses are involved. With all my sports, I cannot live without it! I am a highly competitive person so I need my competitive fix almost every day. For VcB, justalilhype!, and Sports604, I love the people I work with and the people I meet are amazing and always inspiring. As they evolve, I get more involved and then I’m able to put forth more of my skills and passion into doing what I do best. As for music, I LOVE playing the piano and the guitar. I find it amazing being able to transform simple yet complex combination’s to create something that fills your soul and expresses your emotions. Playing music helps you become very in tune with yourself and I think it’s important for everyone to be able to feel that, to remember that their emotions are part of them which usually plays a big role in how we play out our lives.

I’ve never done anything with the intentions of furthering my future pursuits in terms of career or whatever. Everything I’ve ever done, from putting on charity events to making a fool out of myself on TV, has always been for the passion and love of it. I enjoy it all! I just believe that my unselfish efforts will come back in good karma. And so far … I gotta say karma’s treating me good J Like I said earlier, do what you love! End of story.

VcB: Back to the Canucks, who is your all time favourite Canuck? Why?

Amie: Trevor Linden!!!!!!!!! He is just such a classy guy. I cried bittersweet tears at his last game at GM Place. Since he’s been with the Canucks, his heart and soul has been out there for us to see and I hope that I can put out at least half of what I’ve seen from him. I love him. He is forever a Canuck.

VcB: What is your favourite thing about Vancouver?

Amie: That you can snowboard and go to the beach within hours of each other. I mean .. CAM ON!!! How awesome is that? I love a lot of things about Vancouver. I can go on for days and I’m always tweeting about why I love Vancouver but I’ll just leave it at mountains and beach. Once again, I LOVE MY CITY!

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Photos by: Bob Lai, Annabelle Yee, Alex Barredo, Adam Luk

DH Vancouver Staff
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