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Talking Toronto cat says 'hello' and 'what's up' (VIDEO)

Eric Wainwright Jul 14, 2016 12:33 am

What the what.

Cat owner and Oakville resident Becky McKeen has posted a video of her cat talking. Yes, talking.

Shot from the top of a set of stairs, Bowie the cat sits in a foyer and mimics McKeen’s greetings of ‘hello’ and ‘what’s up’.

And while we’ve seen plenty of Internet hoaxes, McKeen hardly seems like the typical duper (this is her one and only video posted to YouTube so far). Her post reads:

This is Bowie. When he gets lonely or bored he will stand in the middle of the hall way and call out to me. What’s unique about Bowie is that he often sounds like he is actually saying “Hello” to me. It takes him a few rounds of encouragement to really get going but I’m sure this will give you guys a giggle! Cheers!!!

What do you think? Real or catspiracy? Watch for yourself and let us know.

Eric Wainwright
Eric is the Toronto City Editor for Daily Hive and previously the Editor-in-Chief at He is highly educated. He knows words. He has the best words.

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