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19 photos and videos from last night's incredible Sigur Ros concert at Massey Hall

Eric Wainwright Oct 04, 2016 1:10 am

There are a few scenarios here.

One, you clicked on this knowing Sigur Ros and the magic that you missed out on last night (for magic it was).

Two, you don’t know who Sigur Ros is and you’re wondering how a band you’ve never heard of could put on an incredible show without your knowledge (they crushed it without you and it hurts).

Three, you know who Sigur Ros is, you were at Massey Hall last night, and you can’t wait to relive every moment.

Well, for those of us in category three, we count ourselves among the lucky.

They say music is capable of taking you places. Of moving you. And last night I watched 2,700 people be carried away all at once. Out of their lives. Out of the moment. Away from everything and anything that wasn’t the three Icelanders on stage blending sound after rhythmic sound.

The visceral (and eventually shirtless) pounding of the drums. The high falsetto notes echoing through the century old room. The bass throbbing throughout the wooden chairs. The light show to end all light shows.

For an hour and a half we were all a part of something. Not just music. Not just a concert. But art. Live art surrounding us and sweeping us in like a secret we would only be able to whisper about later.

Over the top? Maybe.

But you won’t know for sure until you go to see these guys live for yourself.

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Amazing set #sigurrós

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