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7 great new video game releases in July

Kenny Chia Jun 30, 2017 6:52 am 870

With July’s merciless summer heat wave in full swing, beat the heat by staying in with some new games this month.

It’s a slightly dry month for AAA games, but there’s still Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Splatoon 2 for those on the lookout for that beefier gaming experience.

Beyond that, Supergiant Games leads the charge for indies in July with its sports-themed RPG called Pyre. Lastly, players will get their first crack at a PlayLink-type game that utilizes your smartphone or tablet for a second screen experience in the upcoming party game That’s You.

Stay cool in July with these seven games that deserve your attention.

That’s You

Image: Wish Studios

Developer: Wish Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Date: July 4

Starting off the list is That’s You, a casual party game that serves as the tip of the spear for Sony’s new gaming initiative called PlayLink. PlayLink games aim at a more casual gaming audience and utilize the players’ smartphones or tablets for a second screen experience.

While Jackbox party games have long ruled uncontested for second screen party games, it’s still exciting to see Sony explore this untapped space. Free to PS Plus members this month, That’s You looks like an energetic introduction to this second-screen gameplay, as players draw on selfies from other players to win a variety of challenges.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Image: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Date: July 11

What’s old is new once again as Final Fantasy XII returns in this HD remaster with a few lovely buffs. This updated version gets some new snazzy HD graphics, slight gameplay tweaks, a new game mode, and most excitingly, a new dual-class system for its characters. Overall, this new version will be a fantastic way for newcomers to experience the original game’s epic story of armour-clad judges, rogue skypirates, Vaan’s overly-liberated chest, haggling with Banga merchants, and of course, running away from that party-wiping T-Rex in the desert.

Children of Zodiarcs

Image: Cardboard Utopia

Developer: Cardboard Utopia
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Steam
Release Date: July 18

Children of Zodiarcs departs from typical strategy-RPG conventions through a refreshing battle system that uses card decks and dice-rolls. Instead of static abilities, characters’ in-battle abilities are based on cards that are continuously drawn and discarded. After selecting a card, players will then roll dice across the screen for additional perks. While Children’s models and animation look a bit soft, the fun tabletop battle mechanics easily help set this game apart.

Splatoon 2

Image: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: July 21

Splatoon 2 is the anticipated sequel to Nintendo’s colourful take on the shooter genre. Once again, players will have to cover the battlefield in their team’s colour – using a wild mix of paint-bombs, rollers, sloshers, and shooters. Players can also morph into squids to move swiftly through areas featuring home-team colours. The sequel brings a new co-op horde mode called Salmon Run that pits players against some gross salmon beasts.


Image: Supergiant Games

Developer: Supergiant Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Steam
Release Date: July 25

Supergiant Games, the indie developers behind critical hits Bastion and Transistor, goes for broke once again in their latest title, Pyre, a mash up of RPG and sports. The game’s three-on-three matches involve teams trying to score goals by dropping an orb into each other’s pyre. Pyre will also incorporate RPG elements in its story progression, as players engage in party banter and unlock new abilities to get an edge on the competition. Already looking more fun than Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball, this is a safe bet for fans of the studio.

Fallen Legion

Image: YummyYummyTummy

Developer: YummyYummyTummy
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PS Vita
Release Date: July 25

Bringing a ferocious real-time combat system to the JRPG formula, Fallen Legion feels at times closer to a combo-heavy action game. In battle, each party member is assigned to a button, and can be called on to attack as long as their stamina allows for it. Thus, players will need to time attacks for obliterating combos while constantly managing their team’s stamina. The game also features some lovely hand-drawn art, as players fight on to save the fallen kingdom of Fenumia.

Hey! Pikmin

Image: Arzest

Developer: Arzest
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: July 28

Hey! Pikmin takes the series’ lovable galactic wayfarer, Captain Olimar, to new horizons in the series’ first 2D adventure. Coming along for the handheld adventure are some of the series hallmarks, such as Captain Olimar controlling various coloured Pikmin and light resource management. This lighthearted adventure will use both of the 3DS’ screens as you help Captain Olimar and his lovable squad to safety.

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